Pavement Management & Scope Development

Assessment is Essential

In order to save time, scope development needs to be accomplished with a pavement management contractor you trust. Effective scope development involves a good assessment of the current condition of all the asphalt and concrete surfaces, and drainage, striping, and ADA access should always be part of the construction assessment. At DRYCO, we pride ourselves on quality scope development to provide accurate estimates for every job.

The first step is to make an appointment with our estimation team. During the estimate, we will spend at least an hour walking your property helping you identify areas of concern and determine needed repairs. We use the Modified PASER System, which allows for a quick agreement on the general status of your paved surfaces-asphalt and concrete-and necessary repairs. The PASER rating system ranks general surface conditions on a scale of 1 to 10, and qualifies the areas by number-1 as very poor or completely failed surface condition and 10 as excellent surface condition or new.

The goal of scope development is to identify all the repairs and maintenance needed to bring your asphalt pavement and related concrete to what is called "maintenance level"-level 8 on the PASER scale. Armed with that information, DRYCO will develop a detailed cost estimate for each repair or maintenance item. This is a key step, as each bid item is called out individually with associated footage, unit price, and description of work. Unit prices are necessary for possible adjustments later due to changes and budget constraints. All repair items are documented on the site map, clearly marked and numbered so there are no questions as to what work is to be done.

Once you have received the proposal, you are ready to construct a strategy for completing needed repairs within your budget constraints. Often, property investment strategy may dictate how much work will be done and when. Occasionally the work is spread out over a number of years due to budget constraints. The key to successful execution is to merge all ascertained information onto one sheet of paper-this living document is your pavement maintenance plan.

DRYCO can help you with all the documents and tools required to complete this process. Our breadth of knowledge in pavement management and scope development services provides you dependability from conception to completion. Ask about our seminars where we teach you the process in detail. Because the more you know, the better we look!

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